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After much deliberation, and after a great deal of discussion between CSz Indianapolis ownership, High School League leadership, and our current roster of improv coaches and teachers, we have come to the unfortunate decision that to continue a High School League presence in schools that have released otherwise skilled and caring educators based solely on the teacher’s sexual orientation and marital status goes against everything that we as an organization stand for.

Last year, when Roncalli went through this as an isolated incident, we opted to stand by the students and keep the program in place for that year. At this point, it has become evident that the Archdiocese is implementing an approach to remove these educators across the board, despite any value these individuals may add to the educational development of students, and in opposition to the view held by many within the schools.
Since it also takes school leadership to go along with this approach, rather than to defy the Archdiocese, we have a difficult time separating the actions of school leadership from what we see as a misguided and antiquated approach to living in a fair and just society. We have come to the decision that for us to remain in place with an ongoing program in schools where this has happened sends a message that we are accepting of this behavior. We believe that we cannot turn a blind eye to action that we deem to be wrong, where people are being unfairly punished and excluded.

So it is with a heavy heart that we are suspending our High School League activities in both Roncalli and Cathedral High Schools. We are considering the program suspended until such time as the school leadership can demonstrate that they are open to working with all people, without prejudice.

We also understand that this removes an activity and a community from the students at these schools at a time when they may be in even more need of support. Because of this, for the first time in the program’s history in Indianapolis, we are creating the opportunity for a Circle City High School League team, which would allow students from those schools that would have participated to sign-up and participate in an unaffiliated team of High School League players.

We thank the educators from those schools who have worked with us over the years, and we understand that the actions of the school leaders and the Archdiocese do not reflect the attitudes of acceptance and openness that have been expressed during our years of interactions.


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