Contact: Frankie Bolda
Tel. 317-951-8499


CSz Indianapolis-Home of ComedySportz is tripling down on healthy moves this spring! We’ve met with other theatre owners across the US to determine our course of action.  We have reviewed recommendations from the CDC and are implementing changes. After all, we want the audiences and performers we love to stay healthy and happy.

Want to still get out of the house in a safe, fun environment? We aren’t worried, but we’re being smart and hoping to ease minds along the way. Let’s stay safe and still have fun! 

Here’s some of the things that we are doing to reduce risks:

For the time being, we are reducing our maximum audience size by 25%.  This reduces physical interaction and touching, but doesn’t keep you cloistered away. That means you still get to do the stuff you love.

We disinfect tables before, between, and after each show.  Additionally, we will be sanitizing any other surfaces that we all touch, such as door knobs. 

You might be accustomed to our high-five line as you leave the theater.  For now, it’s elbow taps!

We also have hand sanitizer available on your way in and out.

Come worry-free and have fun. We could all use a laugh this month.

For tickets and information, visit or call 317-951-8499.




CSz Indianapolis was established in 1993 and is a branch of CSz Worldwide.  The CSz Indianapolis Theatre is a live improvisation performance venue located in the heart of Indianapolis on Massachusetts Avenue in one of the city’s cultural districts.  CSz Indianapolis is home to ComedySportz, the longest running show in the city.