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ComedySportz, Indianapolis’s longest-running show, is going digital.  For a limited time, CSz Indianapolis is presenting its popular, improvised event for all-ages to your living room with ComedySportz: Home Edition.  Get ready for fun, fast, clean, classy comedy that the whole family can enjoy in the family room.


ComedySportz: Home Edition is an electronic, improvised comedy show with performers telecasting separately.  Through the use of a Zoom webinar, audience members can attend from the privacy of their own homes and offer suggestions to be used throughout the performance.  Players and audiences, alike, can come together for a night of laughter without leaving the comfort of their homes.


Todd Kenworthy, Co-Owner and Co-Artistic Director of CSz Indianapolis, is looking forward to the innovation of ComedySportz: Home Edition. “We are excited to be able to try a new medium to continue to connect to our Loyal Fans and also allow a platform for them to interact with us,” said Kenworthy.


Since 1993, ComedySportz has been a reliable source of all-ages comedy, filled with audience participation in the city of Indianapolis.  Ed Trout, Co-Owner and founder of CSz Indianapolis and ComedySportz, is glad of the chance to continue the interactive show in a new way. “From the beginning, CSz Indianapolis and ComedySportz have always been about live shows and matches where the audience members get to have the experience of interacting with the performers,” Trout said.  For him, ComedySportz: Home Edition “is just a new way to explore the same kind of fun, interactive shows we have always had, but this time, we’re bringing it directly to your home.


Friday and Saturday nights this spring at 7:30pm ComedySportz: Home Edition will play on home computers across the Indianapolis area and beyond.  Households will only require one e-ticket per computer login.  Tickets are $10.


Don’t think ComedySportz: Home Edition is for you?  Think again.  When asked about the show, Kenworthy said, “Especially now, comedy is for everyone.”


For tickets and information for , visit or call 317-951-8499.




CSz Indianapolis was established in 1993 and is a branch of CSz Worldwide.  The CSz Indianapolis Theatre is a live improvisation performance venue located in the heart of Indianapolis on Massachusetts Avenue in one of the city’s cultural districts CSz Indianapolis is home to ComedySportz, the longest running show in the city.




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