CSz Indianapolis Education – Class Guidelines:

Welcome to the CSz Education series of classes with CSz Indy. We are glad you are here to learn about improvisation and work on your performance skills. Following are some guidelines for a successful learning experience:

  1. Dress Comfortably:

You never know how physically active you are going to be in any given class. Even the simplest, most verbal forms of theatrical improvisation require aspects of physicality. Dress for comfort, movement, and safety.

  1. ComedySportz Student Passes:

Because we want you to experience as much improvisation as possible while you are studying with us, you will be given a student pass that will be good for two months. That pass allows you to come in to any regular ComedySportz performance free of charge, but be sure to call ahead to reserve your seat. If any friends or family who are not students will be accompanying you, their tickets will need to be purchased.

  1. Attendance:

Please come to all scheduled classes. Please be prompt. Barring exceptional circumstances, classes will start at their scheduled start time. Coming in late means that you will miss some information. If you know you are going to be late or miss a class, please notify your instructor. Students who miss more than two classes, are considered no longer enrolled in that class and will need instructor approval to continue.

  1. Communication:

On the first night of class, you should obtain your instructor’s contact information, as well as giving them yours. If a night is cancelled by the instructor or the CSz office, we will make every attempt to notify attendees as far in advance as possible.

  1. Visitors:

No visitors are allowed with you to observe; it can disrupt the dynamics of the class when non-participant observers are added. This guideline includes children.

  1. Recording of Classes

During class, there is to be no recording of video. This is to ensure that people are comfortable making mistakes without having to worry that their mistakes will be shown more publicly later.


(rev. 5/21)